WeU Travels and Tours

Our travels and tours services has gathered a huge reputation as we ensure our client get the best service. We process all kind of visas and offer travel assistance where needed. We major in holiday trips for groups, family, corporate and individuals, most of which comes at a huge discount rate of up to 70% of the usual cost. This is made possible due to our bulk buying power. We have partnership with hotels and tour centers across the world which afford us huge discount rates. Our clients can access up to 53,000 holidays in a year which shows they can travel anytime they feel like. We have a travel club we register our client on that allow them save their travel money ahead every month. This has made it easier for them to plan a trip ahead and travel at relatively no cost. This platform has been very helpful as users even make their trip money back as they travel. We offer awesome discount rates on our Ticket as well. Visa processing is easy get with 95% guarantee. We help with permanent residence in any Schengen Country with promising carrier, an apartment and grants. We assure all our customers reliable service all the time and we keep our words.