WeU Business Support

Many organization are running at loss in Nigeria and some going bankrupt. Therefore they need support or bail out funds. We render support in such capacity to any organization we see fit to survive the test of time. This has earn us a lot of shares in other businesses and increase our net worth. We do not just jump at any business that come our way, we do our due diligence and valuation before bailing out or acquiring such businesses. Since we invest in diverse businesses, it has helped us to survive the test of time and thus guarantee our strength to keep the ball rolling in the corporate world. Aside the extensive farming that we do and live stocks, we do business partnership with real estate companies. We acquire sales right of up to 50% in some cases base on our investment capacity. Most of this deals through our publicity strategy do not last long in the market as we sell out properties fast and recoup our money back with more than 30%-40% returns on investment within a short period of time. We have thus increased our reach to the international world and we have been granted many of such opportunities in the real estate business becoming such representative. We sometimes buy to sell or lease to buy properties, businesses or shares. Currently we are working on a smart home project in Nigeria. This project in partnership with some foreign companies will change the face of real estate business in Nigeria at large. We are glad to be a part of the innovation to create a home built for comfort at an affordable rate. We want to create a standard that no one has been able to set in a long time. We give all the credits to our investors who make their funds available, which make it easier for us to plan and executive such business deals. Investing with WeU Capital has been fun all the way, as we have what it takes to deliver on our promises.