Plac'ez (Plates and Bottles)

This is one of our current area of focus and the reason our investment platform is now accessible to the general public. The hospitality business is a fast growing field due to global connectivity and as Ibadan continues to open up to more people and businesses, the demand for relaxation centers where people can connect for business and pleasure is overwhelming.

Our location in the Bodija area of Ibadan provides a spatial and competitive advantage as it is easily accessible to the major nodes of the bubbling city.

This project is estimated to gulp about N150,000,000 in the first phase. However, it is estimated to generate over 20% returns on a monthly basis. The revenue sharing formula is as follows:

  1. Investors 5%
  2. Maintenance of facility 3%
  3. Salary 3%
  4. Management 2%
  5. Backup 8%

As an investor with WeU, you'll have a membership card and also enjoy great discount on food and drinks whenever you visit Place'z with friends and family.