WeU Farm is a modernized farm settlements franchised all across the country. While we have our operation from our various offices in Lagos and Ibadan, our farm is largely franchised to minimize cost and increase productivity. In 2017 we started a farm support group, whereby we make adequate funds available to farmers in this group to purchase seedlings, stems, farm implements, pesticides and herbicides. We pay for the land lease or sometimes buy where applicable. We also give stipends to these farmers and share the farm profits with them so making them a stake holder in the farm. We on the other hand are buyers of our produce as we do exporting of the processed food and sometimes sell locally. We are on the other hand setting up a processing plant for Garri to maintain our Garri standard as sometimes the standard drops due to human error, weather, and individual. Therefore from now on we are expanding our farm base to accommodate more farm input, increase productivity and generate massive income for us and our investors. In the recent past, we have been able to increase our profit by 50% as we look forward to increase by another 10-15% annually. Note that there has been no major loss since we make our farmers a stakeholder in the business.