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WeU Capital is the arm of WeU Nigeria Limited that manages the company’s Investments and Assets. It was formed in 2004 as WeU Investments when some clients from our farming business and Travels and Tours Agency agreed to come on board as directors and financiers. We have served as intermediaries in setting up family businesses, construction, land purchase and lots more for some of our directors. In exchange, the synergy has opened the company up to strategic partnerships and networking opportunities that aids our access to highly profitable business opportunities. At this time, the average annual returns on investment was 24% per annum which investors were satisfied with.

The emergence of WeU Investment as WeU Capital is as a result of our expansion to the Hospitality Industry. We are going and growing beyond the trust of a handful of people to the trust of the general public. If we could achieve so much with so little, how much more would we achieve with public support!

We are ready to set the pace on quality service delivery in Ibadan. By merging the individual concepts of a restaurant, indoor and outdoor bars, motel and club all under one roof, we’ll be able to appeal to a broader category of customers and exceed their expectations.

From our market research and feasibility studies, we can expect a turnover of 15% monthly from Plac’ez and you are guaranteed an ROI of 5% on your investment every month.

Invest in WeU Capital because it is Authentic and Reliable. Our priority is to ensure we always pay your ROI as at when due. To achieve this, we know that excellent service delivery will play a crucial role. This is why our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in specific aspects of our businesses and have integrity. Our diversified portfolio guarantees that in worst case scenario, your money will still be safe.

We have intentionally softened our professional language with a conversational tone to show you that we are not just about facts and figures. we are able to guarantee such huge ROI not just because we are great at doing business – there may be a few investment companies with greater business acumen than us but they wouldn’t dare. It is because of the strong network, strategic partnerships and relationships we have built and nurtured over the years. These intangible assets create our tangible profits and they are not just products of expertise, they are primarily products of our reputation. We have our name to protect. If we lose that, we lose everything else. This is why we ONLY make promises that we CAN and WILL keep.

Minimum investment is N200,000 and maximum is as much as you have. However, the more you invest, the higher your interest.

Yes, it does. For the current project we’re executing, Plac’ez, the Investment Window is 60 days. However, the Investment Window is not fixed and varies according to projects and project. you will certainly be notified when we launch any other service. Bear in mind that there is a total of 2500 slots available. Hurry now to invest before the available slots are fully taken.

The minimum time duration for your investment is 6 months. You can cash out after or reinvest your capital.

30 days after your initial investment is confirmed.

The ROI is 5% of your total investment to be paid every 30 days till your chosen investment plan matures. At the end of 365 days, your ROI will be over 60%.

ROI means Return on Investment. Here at WeU Capital, it is the interest your capital yields every 30 days.

30 Working Days. However, if you are on an automatic plan, your refund date will be displayed on your dashboard immediately you click on refund. Note that the minimum time frame to call for refund is 6 months.

Yes!! We will issue you a certificate of investment as a proof of investment in our business for the time period you choose. (Certificate of investment with WeU) You will automatically generate this certificate on your dashboard immediately we have approved your payment and details. We would have inserted your names on it. This will serve as our legal binding

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I have been in business with WeU Investment for 3 Years now. I got my first car via their investment platform. They are good people.