WeU Integrated Concept Limited, began operation in 2009. The scale of the business was small enough to be operated from a corner office, majorly a Travel and Tour Services. Later, in order to maximize profit income, the need to diversify into other businesses arose. Five years after inception, we started an Agro business with a small farm for crop production and livestock. The progress called for more financials to expand the agro allied business. We then set up a financial fund support arm called WeU Capital where people invest their sum with us and share part of the profits.

But then, given certain challenges and to further streamline the expenditure and manage risks, we now have affiliate farm support program whereby we sponsor farmers and harvest their crops for sale export and production. This has expanded our production base and informed our modern Garri processing plant launching soon, to increase our Garri production base and keep it at a more affordable price. Added to that is our Rabbit Farm with the goal of supplying over 100, 000 tons of Rabbit per annum.

Business Performance
As mentioned before, over the past few years, our business has grown enough to develop more businesses. With the initial investors being the owners, and a few risk takers, the business has come a long way. In 2014, we made offer available to selected few for investment into our agro business. The result; annual turnover rate was 48.2% on the amount invested off tax. Currently, our turnover is above 80% on all our products and services per annum. To maximize this income, we have broadened the scope of operation and defy new means of profit making for the sake of our investors and security of funds.

Planned Marketing and Sales Method
The surge of digital marketing opportunities in recent years has seen us explore the many opportunities presented by the presence of the internet in creating more awareness for our brand and at the same time, gaining the trust of new customers while retaining the trust bestowed upon us by old customers. We have used social media to relay different information related to our business to the general public. On this user-friendly website, customers can browse through the various products and services we provide, gather needed information and invest with us or opt for our travel and tour service. Our travel service is the best of its kind with about 50% discount on accommodation, car hire, tickets, and visa processing.

Business Technical Operations Management
As an agro-allied company with other enterprise, we are setting up a packaging plant to include printing and sealing machine for branding the packaging sacks and nutritionist to monitor the packaging process for healthy consumption. We hope by 2021, we would have processing plants in all geopolitical zones of Nigeria, to process and package, Rice, Beans, Garri, and Yam Flour.

Moreover, the equipment used to produce our products requires maintenance every two to three months. This schedule for maintenance check is to ensure, that the equipment does not cause problems amid operation. If that were the case, back up equipment can be rented to keep the production line running and fix the original machinery.

Project Financing and Timetable
The funds for the business are sourced through our current investors and new investor like you. In addition, about 20% of the profits made from the sale of our products/services and other business are invested back into the business. In accordance to the expected market trends, our product do generate more sales and the overall profits sees an increase of 85% each year.

Exit Plan
The business plan is modeled to put into consideration, the previous, current and expected future market strength. However, in case the new extension does not meet the expected results, an exit plan has been formulated to compensate our investors. As WeU Capital own other businesses in partnership and whole, related to real estate, export and physical assets, the business is willing to reduce their number of businesses, foreclose its sum, sell assets and stocks in order to pay back the investors their initial invested amount in consideration of other arrears.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred investment solution provider, and the best in service delivery.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide investment platforms and business investment services to enable our clients achieve their financial goals. Our services would be delivered through a client centric approach focusing on superior returns, excellent customer service, and need-based products, businesses, while maintaining highest ethical and professional standards.
  • We would focus on being accessible and create values for all our investors.
  • We are also committed to create awareness on savings and investments among general public.

Our Core Values

  • Respect For Individual
  • Customer Focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Excellence
  • Elicit Curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Integrity & Trust